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August 31, 2020

Launching of Hull 56

In Radež’s plant in Bristva Bay, on August 24, after the solemn blessing and “christening” ceremony, hull 56 was launched into the sea. This steel motor boat, intended for the transport of passengers and tourists on cruises in the Adriatic Sea in navigation area 6,

August 14, 2020

Balconies for Fincantieri

The shipyard in Monfalcone, which is part of the Italian group Fincantieri, based in Trieste, is known worldwide for building the largest and most luxurious cruise ships. For many years, Radež has had a successful business cooperation with this economic giant, mainly in the production
5 years ago in Radež, steel structure components were fabricated for RTG cranes intended for the “DP World Yarimca” container terminal in Turkey. The components were transported by ship to the terminal area in Yarimca where they were mounted. Last year, a contract was signed for the