Acquisition of nautical tourism

On Thursday the 20th of May a steel passenger ship with working name Nb 59 was launched in the port of Bristva for the company Dalmatino d.o.o. from Krilo Jesenice. This Short Range Yacht, within 60 nautical miles from the shore, was built in Radež according to the rules and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping.

The yacht, with a gross registered tonnage of 360, is 48.24 m long and 8.39 m wide. It is intended for cruising the Adriatic sea, and accommodation is provided for twelve passengers with 8 crew members.

The main propulsion consists of two engines, each with an individual power of 336 kW. In addition the ship will be equipped with two masts and sails and also a bow thruster will be installed on the yacht to facilitate the arrival-departure maneuver in the docks.