Avantura launched

A little more than a year after Nov. 30, Radež launched another boat for the company “Ercegović lanterna” d.o.o. from Krilo Jesenice. The length of this vessel, with working name Nb. 41 which will be named “Avantura” in the exploitation, is 49.90 meters and the width is 8.50 meters. The boat is intended for the transport of tourists to in the Central Adriatic waters, ie in navigation area 6. The capacity of this boat is 36 passengers and 9 crew members.

The total propulsion power provided by 2 drive engines is 736 kW. In addition, a bow thruster is installed in the hull, which makes it easier to maneuver during mooring.
The ship is classified as a passenger ship and built accordingly with the regulations and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping.