Barge for Cromaris launched

On June 18th 2018, the barge TEG 450 intended for fish feeding named Nb. 39 was launched in port Bristva. This barge was ordered by the company Cromaris from Zadar. The very next day it was tugged to their farm near the islet of Lavdara in the island of Dugi Otok.   As it is intended for fish-feeding in the fish farm, this floating facility is equipped with special equipment that stores and distributes fish food in the aquaculture cages.

The barge, constructed in accordance with the regulations and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping, is 34.68 m long, 10.50 m wide, 217 t heavy and with a 450 mt silos capacity. On the fore part of the main deck there is a control room from which the entire work of the feeders is monitored, and in the same part there are also accommodation facilities for the crew. In the aft part of the lower deck there is an engine room. The barge is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic crane with the highest lifting torque of 14.3 tm with a maximum reach of 10 meters.