Delivery of tuna farm workboat

At the beginning of last year, construction of a working boat for the company “Jadran tuna” d.o.o. from Biograd na Moru, and 12 months later it was delivered to the customer. Upon arrival at the port of call the ship will immediately embark on the task of tugging.

Workboat type WB27, which during design and construction was named Nov. 34 on the occasion of blessing and baptism in Radež’s Port of Bristva got its new name, Suport I.

The boat is 27.15 meters long and 7.6 meters wide and 200 meters away. It will fly at 10 knots, and will serve 3 crew members and 5 workers during the works in the farms. The autonomy of the vessels in the navigation area 5 is 2500 nautical miles.

It is equipped with all the necessary systems: fishing deck equipment, navigation and hydrology equipment and power plant with a Yanmar main power engine 555 kW.

The ship was designed and built according to regulations and under the supervision of the Croatian Ship Register