Delivery of tuna farm workboat

Exactly 12 months after signing the contract, a tuna farm workboatwas delivered to the company “Pelagos net farma” d.o.o. from Zadar. This workboat of WB24 type, which was named Nb. 53during design, was named Pelagos III during the boat a solemn blessing and christening in Radež’s Port of Bristva.

The boat is 24.20 meters long and 9.0 meters wide with a displacement of 220 tons. During worksin farms it will be served by 3 crew members and 5 workers. The autonomy of the vessels in navigation area 5 is 2500 nautical miles.

It is equipped with all the necessary systems: fishing deck equipment, navigation and hydrolocation equipment and a power plant with a Yanmar main power engine of 555 kW.
The ship was designed and built accordingly with the regulations and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping.