On Monday, January 22nd, 2024, a yacht with the working name Nb. 65 same as Nov. 64. was launched in Bristva. Customer is company “Week three” d.o.o. from Jesenice. The steel hull and superstructure were built in Radež according to the rules and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping.
According to the drive, the yacht is classified as a motor boat with sails, and it will be powered by two Caterpillar C18 engines, each with a power of 553 kW. In addition, a bow thruster was installed on the ship to make it easier to dock, or for the ship to leave the dock. This commercial yacht is 51.135 meters long and 8.60 meters wide and can accommodate 12 passengers in 6 cabins who will be cared for by 8 crew members. The yacht is a short-range ship and its navigation area is limited to within 60 NM from the coast.

Blato, January 24, 2024