Launching of Hull 56

In Radež’s plant in Bristva Bay, on August 24, after the solemn blessing and “christening” ceremony, hull 56 was launched into the sea.

This steel motor boat, intended for the transport of passengers and tourists on cruises in the Adriatic Sea in navigation area 6, was built for the company “ORSAB” from Krilo Jesenice.
This ship, 51.75 meters long and 8.50 meters wide, which will be extremely luxuriously equipped, will accommodate a maximum of 10 passengers served by 5 crew members. The ship is powered by 2 main engines of the Volvo Penta brand with an individual power of 368 kW, and a bow thruster is installed, which enables easier maneuvering when docking.

The ship is classified as passenger ship and was built according to regulations and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping.