Launching of self-elevating floating platform

The final tests and launching of the self-elevating floating platform with the working name Nov. 61 was performed in Bristva within September, 2021. The client for this platform is the company Pomorski servis Dubrovnik d.o.o.

The platform is colloquially also called “jack-up”, and is used for construction work on coasts, that is, for submarine exploration work. The platform does not have its own drive, but is towed by a suitable work boat. It is positioned at the workplace with mooring winches, and then it raises above the sea with its legs by means of hydraulic cylinders and an own diesel-hydraulic unit, bringing it autonomously to the desired working position. It is an auxiliary tool that serves as a basis for the working machine needed to perform construction work.

The platform was built in accordance with regulations and under the supervision of the Croatian Register of Shipping. The platform is 24 m long, 17 m wide and the weight when equipped just over 270 tons. The height of the legs is 25 m, and the load capacity is 400 tons.

The casing of diesel-hydraulic unit is located on deck, and the control is performed remotely, by radio connection.