On April 23rd of this year, the last “Magic Carpet” from a series of 4 sets of equipment intended for installation on cruise ships with the working name N34, which are being built in the French shipyard Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint Nazaiere, was delivered from Radež’s port Bristva. This equipment represents an additional content for travelers, giving them the atmosphere of hovering over the sea as in the story of the magic carpet from “1001 Nights”. Namely, this equipment consists of a platform and a lifting device built into the side of the ship and can be operated along the entire free-board depth. In addition, in the lower position at sea level, it will be used as a tender platform for embarking, ie disembarking passengers.
This business venture was realized by Radež in collaboration with the Swedish company MacGregor from Gothenburg.

Blato, April 30, 2024