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January 26, 2022

Yacht launching

The first launching this year as also commisioning to the owner Satura d.o.o. from Zagreb was performed in the port of Bristva on Tuesday, January 25th. The working name of this yacht was Nb. 67. This yacht, with a gross registered tonnage of 496, 51.65

January 17, 2022

Another delivery for USA

At the very beginning of the new 2022 year the last of a series of 5 RMG cranes for the container terminal in Savannah, Georgia, USA was delivered. The components of the crane: main girders, legs, trolley, intermediate beams, sill beams, platforms, paths and handrails
The Peljesac Bridge is currently the largest infrastructure project in Croatia and its completion is soonly approaching. Since it connects two separate territories of the Republic of Croatia, this bridge is extremely important in geopolitical, but also in economical terms and creates the preconditions for