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September 7, 2016

RTG cranes for Konecranes

Radež have contracted fabrication of 7 container rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTG) for the Finnish company Konecranes. The elements of these cranes will be manufactured in Radež and then finnaly assembled and erected in Split. These days, the assembly and equipping of 3 RTG cranes
The so far biggest ship designed for nautical tourism was launched in bay Bristva 26th August 2016. This newbuilding with working title 21 has been built for trade “Ivan” from Krilo Jesenice and is planned for cruising in the Central Adriatic waters. This ship is
At the beginning of June 2016 the first launching in Radež’s port Bristva this year was performed. A newbuilding with the working title 22 consisting of a tourist ship’s steel hull with superstructure for one-day excursions. The ship is designed for company named “Regina Maris”