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December 21, 2021

Delivery of crane to USA

At the very beginning of this year, after the delivery of the first two RMG cranes for the container terminal in Savannah, Georgia, USA, two more cranes from the same series were delivered at the end of November from the Port of Ploče. The RMG
The final tests and launching of the self-elevating floating platform with the working name Nov. 61 was performed in Bristva within September, 2021. The client for this platform is the company Pomorski servis Dubrovnik d.o.o. The platform is colloquially also called “jack-up”, and is used
On Wednesday, July 28, 2021, a working boat and barge convoy sailed from Radež’s port of Bristva to the port of Gaženica in Zadar. Radež have fabricated this work boat for the needs of the fish farm Cromaris from Zadar as well as the feeding