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In Radež’s facility in Bristva Bay, Nb 51 built for Dujić shipping company d.o.o. from Krilo Jesenice was launched into the sea on the  6th of March 2020. The ship is intended for the carriage of passengers or tourists on cruises along the coast and
After two years, a second working ship for the company Jadran tuna d.o.o. from Biograd na Moru was delivered. The work ship of WB24 type, which was named Nb 62  during design and construction, has now been given the new name Support II. The ship
The first delivery of a cruise ship in 2020 occurred in early February. The ship named Nb. 52 was delivered to the company La Vida from Makarska. The ship is 40.10 meters long and 8.20 meters wide, and the cabins can accommodate 36 passengers, which