CROFISH, the Fisheries, Fishing Equipment, Aquaculture, Sport Fishing and Water Sports Fair in Poreč continues its tradition. This is very important fair as it is the only event of its kind held in Croatia which enables the gathering and presentation of all interested economic entities operating in fisheries, aquaculture, sport fishing and water sports in Croatia and neighbouring countries in one place, in an atmosphere of international and inter-regional cooperation as an important factor in the development of marine fisheries and mariculture.
This year, the entire fishing sector, all coordination teams, groups and their representatives was present at Crofish. They hold a meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Fisheries Directorate and were involved both in expert events and in direct communication with the exhibitors themselves.
The fair was also attended by various sector clusters (aquaculture, etc.), fishing cooperatives and fishermen’s associations, FLAGs, and representatives of scientific and research centres from the Republic of Croatia and neighbouring countries. They presented various forms of cooperation, examples of good practice, and strategic projects between the Republic of Croatia and Italy and Croatian and Italian FLAGs.
Radež continues with his presence at the 14th Crofish edition through his representatives who were showcasing Radež product intresting for this cluster like working boats and catamarans, fish feeding barges as well as other product from its scope like small nautical vessels, cranes, winches, watertight doors and others.


Blato, December 8, 2022