The second “”MAGIC CARPET” also delivered to France

A little over a year later, another “Magic Carpet” has been delivered intended for cruise ships being built in France at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint Nazaiere. It is a platform that rises and falls to the desired level along the side of the ship and provides future users with the atmosphere of hovering over the sea during the voyage.

In addition, it will serve as a temporary tender platform for embarkation, ie disembarkation of passengers.

Radež made this complex device in co-operation with the Swedish company TTS Marine from Gothenburg, which in the meantime was merged with MacGregor. The entire contents of this equipment, which consists of several different components for Nb. L34 was completely delivered at the end of June 2020, first by barge to the Port of Split, and after being loaded on board a ship, it was shipped to the French Atlantic coast.