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The first launching this year was performed May 15th at Radež’s plant in Bristva bay. The ship is designed for nautical tourism for the company Eleganza Cruising from Podstrana near Split. The working name of this project was Nb. 29 and it will cruise in

January 16, 2017

Twin barge for Cromaris

After the last delivery of barge for Cromaris fish farm “Kudica” at the island of Dugi otok in October, 2016 the another identical barge marked Nb. 27 was launched and delivered in the middle of January, 2017. This barge of 150 tons capacity, 18.06 m
This year Radež has launched and delivered 6 ships of which one feeding barge intended for fish farms and 5 are passenger cruise ships.The last launching of Nb 25, which was the last in 2016 was performed for the company, “Sunčani dan”d.o.o from Krila Jesenice.